Monday, August 9, 2010

a little game

About a week ago, I took a walk and found myself in front of a maple tree. I said hello, and asked for permission to come closer. Feeling no resistance I stepped under it. Like other maple trees in August, it was full of those seeds that spun as it fell. I watched as a few made its way to the ground. Just for fun, I asked the tree to drop one of its seeds to me, so I would catch it. The tree didn't seem to mind: one seed fell close to me, but it wasn't close enough to be within reach. I asked to try again, because I knew I'd catch it this time, I promise! The tree dropped another seed, this time so close that I really should have caught it -- alas it went right between my fingers. A moment of disappointment later I felt something cold on my stomach: the seed had fallen against the rim of my pants. I did catch it!

Moments like this leave me chuckling at my ignorance to the nature of our existence. These moments don't always prove anything, but even when they do, you have to be the one experiencing it to really believe it. Is there any point in us sharing them?

Oh and FYI, there was a squirrel on that tree. It made weird chipping noises and flicked its tail up and down. I'm not sure what that meant, so I stepped back for a while until it stopped. It was one strange squirrel.

End of Entry