Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Creative Process

This happens with about anything that I do that lasts more than a few days. The funny thing is that every time I press that "publish" button, something good happens. I honestly don't think that any of the work I published here, over at the Facebook data blog or at DataInColour is particularly great, but for some reason, posts that I am more hesitant to publish end up being the better ones.

(And yes, while working on the "Hacking Educations" series I did accidentally run "rm -rf *" while attempting to move code into git. It might have ended up being a good thing. People say that knowing what to remove is half of writing well, and I try to do that in my data posts: i.e. remove "random facts" that just aren't part of the story. In the "Hacking Educations" series and (less so) in the "Mining Jobmine" series, there were a lot of "random facts" than didn't really fit anywhere. Losing half of my code made it easier to remove those.)

PS: Sorry about the bad art and terrible "scanning".

End of Entry